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Printing MethodsDigital

With the help of a fast, high resolution laser printer we can produce vibrant and clear digital prints. Ideal for low quantities as there is no setup cost, and prints are ready within seconds. We can print onto various materials and up to SRA3 size.


It is done by transferring ink from the impression cylinder to the printed sheet. This process is adequate for printing multicolor photos and artwork on papers. Usually large quantities ae printed on litho press.


Suitable for raised printing, less expensive than engraving. It uses special powder that is followed to any color ink. Mostly used for stationery products.


It is also known as “screening”. Ink is forced through a screen following a stencil pattern. Used for ring binders, t-shirts, bumper stickers, billboards, etc.


It is a special type of printing for packaging products. Plates used are flexible. Our range of products include cardboard boxes, grocery bags, gift wrap, and bottle labels.


An image is punched into the paper, and feels indented (run your fingers over the back side of the sheet). Ideal for keeping your stationery hard to duplicate. Most law firms still use engraving.

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