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Technical Advice

Sending us your files

We can accept your files on CD, DVD, Zip Disk, USB Flash disk, Email or via direct download over the internet. If you prefer to send via email, kindly send to artwork @1stopprint.co.uk and if possible place the name of the staff member who you spoke to in the subject field, including your contact number and your order number if you have one.

Software Supported

We currently use PC systems for all design and print work. We have and use the following software:

We can accept files in most common formats, including;


For good print quality, your files must be in CMYK color mode and at a minimum resolution of 300dpi (600dpi for best print quality). Your files must also follow the below outlined guidelines to ensure they are printed as accurately as possible.

Document Sizes

Please make sure that you design your document at 100% of the intended print size. We can decrease and increase your files but this can lead to loss of quality. You can find out below some common sizes and heir dimensions in millimeters:


Ideally all images used in your artwork should be at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% print size. Most images you may have copied or saved from the internet will likely be at 72dpi, which prints very badly showing a lot of pixilation (loss of detail and quality in general).


To eliminate fonts problems in your files (we may not have the fonts you use, therefore they appear missing when we open your file), we recommend you convert all text to shapes/curves/outlines. Alternatively you can also send us any fonts used in your publication along with your artwork file, but this may not be allowed depending on the font license. Font files on most Windows based PCs can be found in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder, they need to be copied and sent to us along with your file.


We require a minimum 2mm bleed on all artworks which contain text/graphics/colors going to the edge. This is a 2mm overflow of any background color/image which spreads to the edge of the page. Please search on Google for further guides and instructions. Please also keep all vital content at least 5mm away from the cutting edge.

Spot Colour Jobs

Please supply the following files when sending us your publication:

  • Your Pantone references must be the same at all times. Ie. if you saved a logo in Illustrator with a CVU suffix you must use this suffix throughout your publication (i.e. not CVC or CV etc).
  • A Colour Palette which consists of all spot colours you are using.

CMYK or RGB images will not separate in to spot colors.

All of the following programmes are not suitable for spot color output. We will treat their files as CMYK (4 color).

If you have any questions about the way we handle your files please contact us.

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